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Industries & Applications served

International and National GSM Backhauling Clientele

Given our superior project management and field capabilities, we have successfully been able to deploy and migrate GSM and Telephony networks totalling more than 50 sites to date. We have also installed reliable satellite-backhaul solutions as well as international voice gateways and national cellular backhauling for more than 13 GSM and landline operators (Afghanistan, Algeria, Central African Republic,Chad, Congo, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Morocco, Somaliland, Sudan, Togo, etc)

Archetypal Site Specifications:

  1. C-band 3.7-meter, 4.5-meter, and 7.3-meter antennas
  2. Single Thread 20W up to Redundant 1:1 800W RF equipment
  3. Comtech G.703 or IP SCPC modems with Carrier-in-Carrier technology to iDirect IP modems
  4. Redundant Memotec DCME, GSM A-ter, and GSM A-bis optimization

We are qualified to design and install advanced bandwidth optimization and compression solutions for GSM DCME (international gateway links) and GSM Abis (national) links by applying technologies such as Comtech's Carrier-in-Carrier and Memotec.


Embassy Networks

As trusted associates in various European partner companies, we were appointed to provide VSAT installation services for embassy networks around the world. After receiving technical and security clearance, permitting us to access sensitive diplomatic missions locations, we performed installations in seven major European embassy networks and more than 150 sites to date.


Disaster Relief and U.N.Missions support

We, at BCom, are a U.N.-trusted supplier that has passed every security, technical, and financial clearance required to work for this universal global organization. The U.N. has contracted us to provide both local and global services for its various organizations and missions.

These services include providing Satellite Services in Lebanon between 2009 and 2010 for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

We also provided VSAT services in January 2005 for the U.N. Refugee Agency in the Tsunami-stricken regions of Indonesia and Sri Lanka. We supplied iDirect C-Band network and installed 2.4-meter for the mission's fixed and mobile offices equipment for 10 sites.

Six year prior, in 1999, we installed and operated 15 Ku-Band VSATs to provide the mission with telephony services in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania. These installations were made just after the end of military operations, and given the inherent dangers of the state of affairs, our staff was compelled to board security-cleared military helicopters to perform these tasks.


Telemedicine and Tele-education

Telemedicine is a new and sophisticated clinical medicine application, which transfers information through interactive audiovisual media. Tele-education, on the other hand,has existed for years and delivers continuing education programs to rural healthcare professionals.

We deployed a nine-site university network for tele-education aroundthe Mediterranean (EMIPSHER EU-sponsored project and OPTESS project with Eutelsat), and provided equipment, logistics, installation, support, and space segment services for 10 sites, utilizing telemedicine and tele-education projects in Africa (Digital Solidarity Fund, Geneva-based NGO).


Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Collaborating with major satellite teleports and enjoying an extensive bandwidth optimization experience (Carrier-in-Carrier, DVB-S2, ACM), our backhauling satellite solutions have reliably served many ISPs. On occasion, our installations included 7.3-meter antennas earth stations with tracking and equipment redundancy.


Oil Gas and Mining Companies

Through the support of our partners, we deployed telemedicine satellite terminal network in seven sites for clients in the Oil and Gas sector in Europe (OPTESS on behalf of Eutelsat) and installed VSAT stations in Iraq. We have also installed VSAT links for mining companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Liberia, Mozambique, and Southern Sudan.


Remote Office Connectivity

Experts at providing satellite connectivity services for companies with remote offices in underserved regions around the world, we have successfully installed numerous and efficient systems across Africa and the island of Mauritius


Satellite Video Uplink Stations

Through support of ours partners, we have installed Satellite Video Uplink feeds for more than 10 sites in Africa and the Middle East as well as numerous feed stations in Pakistan and across the Middle East

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